Clients return to Arium again and again because we offer a distinct advantage over other firms. A unique professional synergy has blossomed in our multi-discipline studio, which brings together architecture, electrical, mechanical, lighting, interiors, planning, and green professionals in workspace that fosters collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Client Relationships

Arium has built an extremely successful growing regional practice on the premise of exceptional customer service. We deliver what the Client needs. More than 80% of our work is on open-ended contracts with clients who use us for all their day-to-day design work.

Integrated Design

With in-house architecture, engineering, interiors, planning and green design, we offer a holistic view of every project. Close collaboration among in house disciplines means fewer communication handoffs that often lead to delays and costly mistakes. Learn more.


We have an extensive portfolio of work covering a wide range of project types. With more than 450 permitted projects within the Baltimore / Washington region in the past three years, and strong ongoing relationships with code jurisdictions throughout the region, we are uniquely positioned to understand local code nuances. Our deep knowledge allows us to deliver sophisticated and economical designs that are often more quickly processed through reviews. Efficient design processes result in projects that, more often than not, come in on schedule and within budget.


According to a local business journal, Arium is one of the largest firms in the region. Our growing staff brings to the table a diversity of talents that puts Arium far ahead of other firms. We bill approximately 250 clients each year, with no single client ever making up more than 12% of our overall volume. Our size and flexible capacity means that we are able to handle a very wide range of project types, sizes, and timelines.


Arium has earned a reputation for decisive responsiveness. Our efficient yet thorough process, quick meetings, and integrated approach to all phases of each project contribute to a response speed that few firms can match. We value our clients’ time and work diligently towards streamlined solutions.


We have sustained steady growth even during economic downturns. With over 1,000 addresses in our portfolio, we have diverse experience across numerous sectors and a loyal base of repeat clients. The flexibility offered by our firm-owned headquarters has allowed us to readily serve and meet our clients' growing needs.


Our work begins and ends with an understanding of each client’s goals. We are proud of delivering innovative design solutions matched to each project’s needs and objectives. We win awards for design excellence, but we measure our success by how well our designs contribute to our clients’ success.


We are known for our step-by-step analysis of costs and ability to keep projects on budget. Many members of our staff have roots in the construction trades, and our firm’s outstanding track record of working directly with contractors, developers, and brokers has provided us with a unique understanding of the value of keeping a focused budget.

Green Design

With 8 LEED-certified professionals on staff with specialties in engineering, architecture, planning, and interiors, Arium was chosen to design the new Maryland Energy Administration Headquarters that was awarded a LEED gold designation. Our portfolio of many LEED projects has allowed us to attain designations faster and more economically than other firms. We practice the principles of “value oriented,” sustainable design and apply those ideas to the benefit of all projects.